Mary Mackenzie Dunn

Red Rover Alley

How To Design an Eclectic Chic Table Setting with Rachel Miller of Red Rover Alley

By Mackenzie Dunn


Rachel Miller has always had an eye for stunning design and detail, which she brings to her warehouse of found and antique treasures, Red Rover Alley. After she graduated college, Miller traveled around the country collecting artfully designed pieces of furniture along the way. Through her collecting, Miller says that she learned the “art of blending beauty with comfort to make a house into a welcoming home.” When Miller first went across the pond to London, she fell in love with European design and knew she had to share her finds with family and friends. “The demand for fine European home goods and great gift items was contagious,” Miller says. Consequentially, she opened Red Rover Alley, so she could share her discoveries with the world. 


The table settings for TRIBEZA Style Week’s Southern Brunch will be styled by Red Rover Alley. In the spirit of Style Week, Rachel Miller has given us five tips to take your next table setting from typical to extraordinary. 


How To Elevate A Table Setting:

Step 1:  Contrast is the Key to Eclectic Chic. Mix the old with the new and the formal with the informal.

Step 2:  Plant seeds for conversation with clever trivia or Q&A cards around the table. Conversation will be blooming!

Step 3:  Don't obstruct the view. Choose Floral Arrangements that are Hi-Lo. If you don't have tall candelabras, tree branches can provide structure for high arrangements. Or try solo blossoms arranged in assorted champagne flutes for a smaller arrangement.

4. Table decor doesn't have to be limited to things from your kitchen and dining room. Grab a favorite vase or decorative item from somewhere else in your house and build a table design using elements from what you brought into the space.

5. Don't forget your backyard! Try bringing home something beautiful you find on a nature walk and incorporate that into your design. Tree limbs, rocks, vines, pine cones, moss, and flowers are wonderful table accents that are simple to find.


Reserve your tickets today to dine at one of Rachel Miller’s beautifully styled 

tables at our TRIBEZA Style Week Southern Brunch on Sunday, August 21.